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He went undrafted after four years at Harvard, spent a couple seasons in the D-League, and even played briefly in China before getting his first real shot at playing time with the New York Knicks. It was in New York where Lin blew up on a national level, creating the Linsanity phenomenon after a series of incredibly fun games that led to some unexpected Knicks wins on the back of Lins excellent play. While Linsanity was fun, its undeniable that partial justification of the nationwide hype had to do with Lins unique heritage he was the first player of Taiwanese descent to ever appear in the NBA. Related Links: Jeremy Lins Latest Non-Basketball Venture Is An Appearance In An Incredible Hulk Comic But just as race only somewhat accounted for his meteoric rise to fame, Lin told the New York Daily News that it also contributed to his inability to find a firm landing spot in the league both before and after Linsanity. You can just take the racial element alone. You can add on so many other factors, but really anything I do is hyper-magnified in a good way or a bad way, he said. People are quick to discount me or say certain things because of my race. And when I do well, people are quick to say hes so amazing, hes the truth, whatever, because of my race, because of the way I look. In some ways, Linsanity wouldnt have been Linsanity if I was a different skin color, most likely, it wouldnt have been as big of a deal, and that went to my advantage, too, but if you look prior to that, a lot of the obstacles to even get to that point where I could get to a position of getting on the floor, those were definitely obstacles that were very much stereotypes that I had to fight along the way.

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Employment: Tips To Help You Find A Job

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are desperately seeking a new job. Unemployment can be tough, especially if you used to have a job that you enjoyed. Don’t let yourself become discouraged and give up! The following article will give you some great job hunting tips.

When job hunting, make sure you dress well regardless of the employer. Nicely dressed people are seen more favorably by potential employers. There is no need to dress up all the time, but you should dress appropriately even if you are just returning an application.

Take advantage of the resources and networks around you, talk to people. Discover whether they know if a company, perhaps the one they work for, is hiring or searching for someone in your line of work. Ask if they can vouch for you. Some folks forgo this step, but you shouldn’t be one of them. Recommendations are not taken lightly by employers.

If finding a job has been real rough, consider changing up your strategy. hop over to this web-siteMany companies simply aren’t hiring, but never give up. Search in areas that you have not previously considered, but consider the expense of travel if you get a job there.

Find out what others are being paid for the positions you’re applying for. Many people ask for a salary that is much less than they are worth since they feel employers will balk at anything too high. This shows that you are confident in your abilities, and not afraid to take a chance and go for what you want.

Look for all different types of jobs that you qualify for. Search online to find out what other titles are given to jobs that have similar responsibilities. This will allow you to apply for more jobs.

Keep in mind that the resume represents only one small part of the big picture. It should always be updated and freshly printed. Keep in mind that your resume is not enough to find a job. Employers want those individuals who can move the business forward with energy and passion. You need to be sure that you highlight your strengths.

Don’t put all your effort into getting a single job. Even if you think you’re a shoe-in, it’s not a done deal. Keep all options open at all times. By applying to many different places, you have a better chance of obtaining a job.

Whenever you discover that you will be terminated from your job, immediately register for unemployment benefits. Do not wait for your severance to end, or until the last day you work. The sooner you apply, the greater the likelihood of getting approved.

Utilize employment agencies. There is no cost to use one, and they will do the work in finding you a job. They will go over the skills you have so that you can get work that you’d do well at. You want to make sure you keep checking in with the employment agency to make your resume stay on top of the stack.

One of the most important factors of your interview is the vibe that you give. You should always be upbeat, and don’t forget to smile. This will leave a lasting impression on your interviewer and may become a factor in awarding the position.

Be sure to tally all of your purchases if you are self employed. You’ll want to hang on to all of your receipts because you never know what might help you out when it’s time to do taxes. Organization will keep your finances in check.

Clearly, you can get a job even in today’s economy. You need not remain unemployed. Use this advice and success should be yours on the day of the interview. The job of your dreams is waiting for you!

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